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Read this document by Ron Radford, Roger McGowen’s friend and supporter, to tune in to the spirit of love, perseverance and courage that Roger has inspired.

How to make my pen pal’s life “brighter”?

I knew for a long time that he was interested in architecture. Now I stumbled some time ago in a “books phone booth” (so a kind of bring it and get it) on a 400 page thick book about houses that received an architecture award. So for several weeks I took daily photos of one house from the outside and inside view and also of the floor plan. I copied the text from the book about the house and where it is located and which architect built it. In addition I gave my opinions about the house. What I liked and whether I would like to live in such a house at all. That it was not too expensive for me I put the photos together using the app “Layout”. So I could send 4 photos in one JPay picture. All this I sent via Jpay to him and then waited for his response. He wrote me the day after then his views on it back. This went on for several weeks. In the end, he gave me his favorite house and also his change requests for the conversion. 

At all I send him a lot of photos. Whether an excursion, vacations or just from my latest decorations and my handicrafts.