Save the date! All members will get an invitation by email with all details in a few weeks…


The General Assembly (GA) follows a protocol that is essentially prescribed by law. Unfortunately, even the few members who attended the GA 2024 on April 20 did not have  time to stay long enough together afterwards, partly due to the long journey.

Therefore, we will have the informal “General Meeting 2024” at the same place. The location is ideal with kitchen, dishes, enough space and is very easy to reach by public transportation. Shopping facilities are close by in case we need anything.

We’ll meet on Saturday, Novenber 2nd. The board invites all members to an informal meeting. The spoken language is open to all that members speak. The more members will attend, the better the chance of finding people who speak your native language.

The board will be there from 10am to 5pm. All members are welcome to come at any time during this time. We will cook lunch together. The kitchen, which we can also rent, is not very big. That’s okay, because you can just come for lunch without cooking.  OK, we will need some members to cook anyway 😉 . There is an industrial dishwasher – so no reason to stay away!

Then there’s coffee and cake (please bring your own again, this time we have time to indulge in the delicacies). Yes, you can also come in the afternoon. And yes, you can also leave before that.

An uncomplicated coming and going. Nothing official! Just time to meet up again and spend a few hours together with like-minded members of lifespark.