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Worldwide executions in 2019

Death sentences since 1990

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Death Penalty in the USA

Find out about the death penalty in the USA. There is a lot to learn about.

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People on death row around the world awaiting execution

Panpel with a person on death row

Through lifespark you have the unique opportunity to become penpal with a person on death row. You will be in regular communication with a prisoner and can write letters and emails to which you will receive a reply. Be inspired by a new emotional relationship. You can find all the details and more information in the submenu. Just click on “Learn more” below.

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Death penalty in the USA – Zoom

The death penalty in the USA is highly controversial. Many are for it and many are against it. Learn more about it with us. More Details



Inside the Prison

Experience what it’s like to be on death row. Exciting interviews with prisoners. Highly exciting with top speaker Nick Bell.   More Details



Save a Life

Learn how you can save lives. We tell you what it’s like to be a member of lifespark. Register now. More Details

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“Why do people kill people to show people that killing is wrong?”

- Amnesty International

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