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It is a special experience to write to an inmate, but not always an easy one. Exchanging experiences with other correspondents, access to updated information as well as personal support when difficulties occur can help a lot.
This is why we offer our members

  • an extensive service with practical help

  • a network and regular meetings with like-minded people

  • a info-service about the death penalty,

  • occasions to get active against the death penalty and much more.

And this is why  we want people to become members of lifespark before we give out an inmate’s address. Also, we understand the membership as a sign of commitment to the correspondence for the sake of the inmates.  

Find out who our members are, what drives them, what they think about the death penalty or lifespark’s activities and how they live the correspondences with their penpals in prison:
Survey among lifespark members 2015
Survey among lifespark membesr 2008

The membership fee for one year is CHF 50.- or the equivalent in EURO.
Special rates are available, please contact us.
(account number/ways to pay the membership fee).
A part of the fees is used for organizational expenses (mainly postage and printing costs of the newsletter three times a year since all work in lifespark is done voluntarily), however most of it is donated to US organizations which are opposed to the death penalty or support inmates on death row.

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